Thanksgiving is approaching and a good time to add fruits and vegetables to table arrangements.  With just a few tricks this can be easy and the effect is long lasting.Look to the vegetable aisle in the supermarket for colors and textures to enhance flowers.

I like to us colors in the same hues such as eggplants and purple larkspur or monk’s hood, pumpkins and orange roses, and green apples, limes and green grapes with green and white hues.

Oranges, lemons, and limes make wonderful additions to many color palettes and add the perfect circular forms and shiny texture.

I prefer to do my home arrangements in chicken wire formed into a vase.  Start with foliage and flowers and then add fruits and vegetables as an accent. Fruits and vegetables may be inserted into arrangements with bamboo skewers and grapes may be anchored symmetrically across a vase for stability.

This lush arrangement has persimmon branches, eggplants, mini pumpkins, and peppers along with hanging green amaranthus, hydrangea, roses, monk’s hood and eryngium (thistle). Each of the vegetables has a flower in the same color palette: purple monk’s hood, green hydrangea and amaranthus, and orange roses.

A green and white arrangement has green grapes and apples and is created with support from chicken wire. Viburnum berries and white lisianthus give dark and light contrast. Apples are staked with two bamboo skewers.

Grapes can be held in a design by tying each bunch to a dowel or two bamboo skewers taped together. This keeps the arrangement balanced because the weight is equal on each side.

A winter holiday design holds pomegranates, pine cones, roses ad astrantia along with cedar and holly.

Round fruits and vegetables such as pomegranates and apples may be staked with bamboo skewers. Two stakes will add stability. Pine cones may be wrapped with wire around the base and inserted into an arrangement.

Oranges combine with magnolia and cryptomeria to show off a stunning group of fritillaria. Again, the oranges are inserted with double bamboo skewers.