Walking though the neighborhood in October awes us with vibrant hues.  Using fall leaves in floral designs brings the outdoors inside.

This bouquet is created in a twig basket with a chicken wire base to support the stems. Preserved oak leaves are strung onto wire and wound through the arrangement. Hydrangea and alstroemeria combine with eggplant and peppers which are staked with bamboo skewers inserted into the basket. The leaves can be reused many times to extend the seasonal look. A fun and easy way to display leaves and a few flowers for a table is a low glass vase filled with a aluminum wire, bark covered wire, lots of leaves, and a few flowers. This gives a natural but contemporary look and is easy to achieve.
Both bark covered wire and 12 gauge aluminum wire are made by the Smithers Oasis Company and come in a variety of colors.  They are available at floral wholesalers, craft stores, and on the internet.
The heads of echinacea pods are clipped and a wire is inserted. 
Finished design will be long lasting because stems are very short.  If the water gets cloudy, just empty the vase and refill with fresh water.  
Close up picture of leaves, pods and yellow roses.
This autumn design of pomegranate and maple leaves is created in the Japanese Sogetsu manner with kenzans holding flower stems in a bamboo container.
Bright oak leaf hydrangea foliage combined with dried hydrangea, rose hips, and grasses for a totally foraged display of garden and local flowers.
A Biedermeier bouquet is made with preserved maple leaves, reindeer moss, and Japanese lantern all circling a single hydrangea blossom and overlaid with purple hyacinth bean vine. The Biedermeier design is inspired by the 19th century Germany period of the same name and uses concentric circles of contrasting colors. 
A romantic take on autumn leaves uses dyed and preserved oak as part of a soft colored bouquet with straw sickles.  I confess to having to iron the white leaves to make them flat. The sickles are made of straw wrapped with Oasis bouillon wire.  Vase is from Accent Décor.
Sickles are formed over a heavy (18 gauge wire) and the wrapped with bouillon wire into tapering shapes.
A soft autumn palate captures the senescence of the season with oak dipped in lavender and a garland of pampas grass fronds.  Just a few flowers finish the look. Leaves are inserted into an Oasis bouquet holder and pampas grass is glued to a flat structure of middolino.