December brings wintry weather in our area and winter wool is part of our daily wardrobes. Wool can be added to floral designs for additions of color, texture, and line.

A visit to the Sacred Valley in Peru takes us to a women’s weaving compound where many different styles of weaving are showcased and sold with proceeds benefiting the local families.

Long table runners and shawls are created by pairs of women  tossing a shuttle back and forth. Notice the traditional clothing, all hand woven.


A mother is at her loom while this adorable child sits quietly with an ear of corn. This was one of my favorite pictures from the trip.  


My purchase, this beautiful table runner graces an autumn table scape ready for a winter supper.

Photo by Tom Weishaar

Wool has made it into high fashion as well as seen in windows at Bergdorf Goodman’s in NYC. The displays reminded me of the hanging skeins from Peru.

Heavy wool yarn creates a braid by tying one loop over another and adds line and texture to tropical flowers in a cylinder vase.

Very popular today in floral design are linear forms made of wool adding both movement and color. The forms are made with 12g aluminum wire, and midollino, then wrapped with yarn.

Photo by Kate Fahey

Wool forms may be made thicker with addition of plastic or paper before the wool wraps around the midollino and wire.

Another fun trick with wool is to glue a cylinder form of floral foam to a flat-bottomed vase, wrap the form with wool, and create an elevated design. Before gluing to the vase cover the bottom with duck tape to protect the vase, then fill with stones or glass pieces.

One of my favorite designs with wool was done by my friend Liza Weihman for the Tie Dye class at the 2019 Philadelphia Flower Show. The color and texture were divine as was the use of plant material.


I wish you all a warm and wooly holiday season.