Straw is the waste product of wheat and most often used to for animal bedding and to add fiber, but not nutrition to animal food. It makes an excellent mulch for the garden and has many uses for decoration, especially in the fall.

Straw sickles make an interesting addition to bouquets adding texture and a garden feel. To make the sickles cover heavy wires (2 or 3 18g) with the straw and wrap with wire to create the desired shape. Two extra wires extend from the forms to make the bouquet handle.

To make straw sickles, you will need straw, 18- gauge wires, wire cutters and decorative aluminum wire. Multiple forms are then put together to create the bouquet holder.

Gather your flowers and start putting them into the bouquet. The sickles will support a large bouquet with heavy stems. I was a bit overenthusiastic with my fall flowers and lost most of the sickle structure in this design.

Straw sickles can create graceful circular rhythm in a bouquet. I like the circular forms with the icon picture on the hall table.

More sickles with soft, romantic colors.

Another way to use straw in a bouquet is to cover a circular wire form with straw. The flowers will be surrounded with a soft textural collar.

Working with straw is a good way to welcome the fall. Happy October.