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The Story

An Unexpected Beginning

My journey in floral design started with a simple garden club flower show entry which most surprisingly won a blue ribbon. Wow!  I never knew what fun it could be to create something beautiful that would be appreciated by others using nature’s branches and flowers.

From then on I was hooked, taking every floral design course available.  As a member of the Garden Club of America I was able to take a yearly workshop with world-class floral designers from across the globe. These experiences allowed me to hone my skills, while exposing me to floral design expert’s techniques from around the world.

This growing passion quickly became expensive, so to offset the costs I started a small flower business from home. What was once a two-car garage suddenly transformed into the early workings of a floral design studio. My basement provided a home for an overflow of vases organized by color and meticulously labeled supply drawers to help me put things away after a whirlwind of activity.


Becoming a Teacher

Beyond the weddings and parties, a friend suggested I present a flower arranging workshop for her garden club. The ladies thoroughly enjoyed my program, “Breaking the Rules—Flower Arranging for Gardeners” and I loved sharing ideas and techniques with others,  Who knew, that teaching floral design would be my calling!

As time went on opportunities to speak to groups, present demonstrations and workshops began to fill my calendar. When I received a call from Longwood Gardens inviting me to teach a class in their Continuing Education Program, I leapt at the chance and later joined their faculty as a teacher in their Floral Design Certificate Program. My special gift seems to be the art of explaining the hows and whys of creating a floral arrangement.

Fast Forward to over a decade later and I am still thrilled to be part of the Longwood organization. The enjoyment of watching students learn and explore their curiosity in the field never fades.


A Blooming Career

I’ve been honored with a professional career that continues to blossom. In 2010, I was thrilled to be inducted into the American Institute of Floral Design (AIFD). In 2014, I represented the United States as a demonstrator at the World Flower Show in Dublin with an audience representing 32 different countries.

Continuing to explore, I have been certified in European Floral Design from Stoas University in Den Bosch, Netherlands. I’m a frequent participant in Gregor Lersch’s workshops in Bad Neuenahr, Germany, with top designers from around the world. More recently, a new area of study caught my attention, Sogetsu, Japanese design, where I have received a teaching certificate from Japan.

Jane has been recognized with three national awards. The American Horticultural Society honored her with the Francis Poetker Award for “significant contributions to floral design education” and the Garden Club of America has presented her with two national medals, the Bonnylin Martin medal for “consistent creativity” and the Katherine Carey medal for “excellence in floral design education.”

For the Love of Flowers

Developing diverse interactive floral programs for museums, garden clubs and organizations as well as teaching at Longwood Gardens has allowed me to pursue my life’s passions. It has created a fulfilling and exciting life I can share with friends around the world who also have a love and fascination for flowers.

The Adventure Continues

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