Elements of Creation

Unique Diverse Designs

Jane’s international experience is a strong influence on her floral designs. She uses this diverse knowledge and reinterprets it with her easy American style creating both unique modern and classic arrangements. From her teaching at Longwood Gardens, Jane has developed a keen interest is floral design history and how it influences and inspires today’s contemporary styles, and also vast experience with elements and principles of design.

Party designs are one of Jane’s favorites and she brings diverse ideas to a program from casual backyard get togethers to large formal venues. Each demonstration includes a wide variety of designs, some for inexperienced arrangers and some to challenge even the most advanced.

Another popular theme is “Inspired by Nature” which includes PowerPoint photographs of landscapes and close ups of nature. Floral designs are created to complement these inspiring patterns.


Although not unexpected, traditional decorative designs continue to please. The classic round arrangement is always in style and fits most any situation.  Other classical shapes include the triangular and the S-shaped Hogarth curve.

European Design

European styles cannot be put into any one category, but there are trends from one country to the next. Italy is known for its sculptural modern mass design, while the French style shows a couture influence of pleats and curves. German designs taught by Gregor Lersch use an array of garden flowers supported by elegant structures and woven wire bases.

Garden Style

Garden style or vegetative design is a favorite and uses flowers in a casual, relaxed manner.  Seasonal emphasis is important showing off the stars of each season in unexpected colors and combinations.

Modern Design

Modern works are most frequently used for offices, contemporary settings, and flower show entries.  Often they are inspired by a thought, theme or an opportunity to use a new technique. Minimal plant material for maximum impact is the goal to make the viewer take notice with an element of surprise.

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