Floral Engagements

Teaching, Lectures & Speaking 

Jane’s specialty is teaching and lecturing with designs inspired by nature. She has given floral design demonstrations throughout the US and in Europe.

Each program is an individual collaboration of the audience and presenter and brings the magic of working with flowers to the stage and classroom. Audiences and students are entertained and inspired to create their own beautiful arrangements.

Demonstrations & Lectures

Jane has presented demonstrations and lectures across the country and tailors her programs to each organization’s needs. Popular demonstration titles include the Art of the Party, the seasonal Fall into Entertaining, Celebrate Spring, or Entertaining for the Holidays.

Another favorite is Nature as Inspiration which focuses on looking to nature for floral design creation.   Each program includes some designs that can be easily done by audience members and of course some that are more challenging done to wow the viewers.


Hands-on workshops and classes are available for small to large groups with beginning or advanced design styles selected to teach and empower its participants. Table and home designs or flower show techniques can be presented in a two hour workshop.


Jane has taught hundreds of students from beginners to advanced. Students learn skills to create beautiful home arrangements and gain confidence to try new and different design styles and techniques.

Out of town garden clubs and groups may hire her to for workshops with specific lesson plans. Classes may include visual presentations with an overview of the lesson, a hands-on demonstration by Jane, and then an opportunity for students to create their own designs. Student evaluations are useful but not required.

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