April in Pennsylvania is filled with blooming branches and daffodils. The daffodil harvest gives us a few challenges for getting them into arrangements, so here are a few tips.

A big bowl of sand is an excellent medium for spring flowers.  They last and last but it’s tricky sometimes to insert the soft stems.  Placing a bamboo skewer inside a daffodil’s stem makes it easy to insert and stand erectly in a design.  

This lovely landscape design was done by a student in my Longwood Gardens class. She carefully staked the delicate flower stems and skewered bulbs of mini tete’ a tetes for a festive spring design.

This large mass design was done for the Federated Garden Clubs Annual Meeting in Maryland. Bunches of short- stemmed daffodils are placed into plastic cups attached to skewers so that they may be elevated in an arrangement.

Here you see how the extended cup makes a holder for shorter stems in a tall design.

And in the finished product it disappears!
Just a few little tips. Enjoy the spring and its beautiful spring blooms.