Chilly December days have us spending more time indoors looking out and wanting to fill our homes with greens and flowers. This is a good time to focus floral designs on lots of long-lasting evergreen foliage and add just a few flowers, berries, and accents.

longwood field of sunflowers

Foraging from my garden brought me boxwood, cryptomeria, holly, chamaecyparis, arborvitae and pine which all worked together to create this lovely garland. The pinecones are from a large white pine which dropped over 800 cones over the fall months.

To prepare fresh evergreens for indoor arrangements it is important to condition them. Entire branches may be submerged into cool water overnight or stems may be given a fresh cut, placed into buckets of warm water, and put in a cool place for at least several hours. Once in an arrangement misting with water helps to keeps greens fresh longer as well.

longwood field of sunflowers

Classic December arrangements include reds and greens. Brighter hues of white and chartreuse bring light to an arrangement and make it more dramatic for an evening setting.


The classic combination of green and red is enhanced with a touch of golden spray roses which accent the dramatic gloriosa rothschildiana. Tall ilex berries add height to the design.

Cedar and seeded ivy contrast with shiny fern holly fern. Colors of gold and pink give a contemporary touch to the traditional red and green color palette.

A favorite of mine is the blue-gray Carolina sapphire cypress adds a silver hue to winter arrangements.

A cascading winter garland is made of contrasting blue-gray Carolina sapphire cypress, true green cypress, and a center accent of salal. A garland of silver ornaments winds through the fresh foliage.

Grey toned Carolina sapphire cypress compliments a gray pottery vase. Pale flowers continue the soft color palette.

For an untraditional winter holiday look, evergreens combine beautifully with dark pink and purple flowers accented with blue-black viburnum berries. Soft gray evergreens lighten the darker floral palette.

There are so many ways to work with evergreens and they will warm up your home through the chilly winter days. Happy holidays to all.