Summer flowers inspire me to raid the vase closet for vases in cool colors for the long, hot July days. Blues and whites are some favorites and good to show off summer flowers.

This narrow-necked vase holds a bouquet from the local farmers market and just a few lace cap hydrangea from my garden. White snapdragons, blue delphinium and cornflowers, and a few zinnia bring the garden to our kitchen table.
This amusing horned sheep ceramic vase is a challenging one to use and needs lots of greens and just a few bright orange or yellow flowers with white and blue accents.

A good way to compliment a patterned vase is with a single variety of flower. This lovely vase holds Daucus ‘Purple Kisses” from Janet Schuhl’s Flower Folly Farm.

White Vases

More spring flowers arranged by Janet Schuhl in an elegant footed vase by Francis Palmer. Multi-colored tulips are shown to perfection with arching stems and voluptuous blossoms. Notice how the few white tulips help to unify the white vase with the arrangement.

A bouquet of white flowers, straw, and bunny tails, are shown off in a simple white vase.

In Sogetsu class a tall white vase holds two green chrysanthemum blooms with a tall, angular structure of equisetum. The placement of the vase on the white pedestal balances the asymmetrical placement of the equisetum.

Blue Vases

Years ago, an experience flower show exhibitor told me never to use a blue vase for a flower show design. I neglected her advice and won my first blue ribbon in the Philadelphia Flower Show using a blue vase and orange, yellow, and white poppies. I don’t have a picture, but this is the blue ribbon wining vase!

For the Fourth of July, it is always challenging to find blue flowers. Here a blue vase celebrates the patriotic holiday with folds of blue paper and red and white gladiolus. Large allium heads and white astilbe are the fireworks.
In this design from Sogetsu class the blue vase acts as a sculpture for the angled foliage. It almost looks like human legs.

I hope that you have some fun this summer and can find some blue and white vases to fill with flowers. Happy arranging.